Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Race Buggy

A simple model, built to test out the RC unit.

Propulsion: 1xRC motor powered by the RC unit
Steering: RC unit steering output (return-to-center)
Suspension: Front/Rear  Double-wishbone (independent)/Dragged axle

After managing to buy an RC unit and handset, i quickly designed this model to test it out.
The rear frame was mounted on the units hinges, and used technic hubs (part x873c01) to secure the wheels better. 
The front was made with a standard independent suspension, connected directly to the front of the unit and it's steering output, and i added lights and a "LEGO Technic"  sticker, to give it more aesthetic detail.
 The RC unit i got didn't have it's battery cover, so i used a rubber band for securing the batteries instead, it didn't always keep them all the way in, but at least now they never fall all the way out.

The RC unit gives more power than i expected, and apear's not to have a thermal safety system like on the Power Functions system, which would limit the power given to the motors once it exceeds a given point. Thus, unlike on my previous RC car, which was driven by an RC motor, but powered by Power Functions, i could drive it aggressively, without the power being limited, or shut off. This, combined with the amazing range it has, due to it being controlled by radio signals, not infrared signals, makes it a lot more fun to drive.

The turning circle was quite wide, (mostly because the RC unit's steering output only turns 45 deg.) but when going fast enough, the car could sometimes skid, and turn a lot tighter, especially on wood floors, and was sometimes hard to control.

 Video showing the model's performance:  

(Not: One or more of the rear wheels fall off several times in the video. I've have since fixed this, and you can see the structure that's hold them together in the photos).

And some photos:


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